Man films his landlady kicking him out for being gay


Randal Coffman says his Florida landlady asked him to leave as she found out that he was gay just a few days after he rented her apartment. Being called out for it, the landlady said that she had no issues with the renter, but she strongly disapproves that other gay men might visit him and do some ‘inappropriate’ things in her flat. Randal Coffman, 22, moved into the home of Jackie Cooper in Middleburg, Clay County, Florida. Cooper rents out a small apartment on the back of her property which has a separate entrance.The thing is that the landlady told her new tenant that girls are not allowed, he said that from this point of view everything will be okay, it is impossible for him to bring a girl to the rented flat because he is gay. But instead of calming down the apartment’s owner, he irritated her even more and she said that if she had known it she would not have allowed him to stay in her apartment. No tenancy agreement was signed and the month-to-month rental was agreed verbally.The man is now looking for a new place to stay.


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