Peep Show’s Robert Webb rudely criticized a transgender charity


Peep Show star Robert Webb has attacked a UK trans charity Mermaids defending the transphobic article written by Janice Turner for The Times. ‘He added: ‘I’ve talked to some really nice trans people here and they have my solidarity if they want it. But Mermaids s*cks,’ he claimed, sending his support to Turner and admitting that it would gain him a bad reputation in certain circles. In the article written in The Times, Turner alleged that Mermaids says you can tell what gender a child is depending on how they express themselves, a choice between a ‘Barbie’ and ‘GI Joe’. And then Turner claimed Mermaids sees women as just wearing ‘frilly dresses’ and men like ‘muddy sports’. However, the last thing a trans charity would do is spreading stereotypes about what girls and boys should do. He said on Twitter he was slamming Mermaids because the charity would have told him and his wife needed a ‘lifetime of medication’ because he was ‘too feminine’ for a boy and she was ‘too masculine’ for a girl. In fact, all the medicine for transgender children (if they are really transgender, not just having untypical tastes for their biological sex) are reversible


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