Senator Mike Lee objected to the nomination of lesbian commissioner


A Senator from the state of Utah is now trying to block a lesbian attorney Chai Feldblum from being nominated to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) because she opposes religious freedom and believes that religion cannot be used by an employer as an argument to reject certain people when they apply for a job. Lee invoked a longstanding rule to halt the nomination of Feldblum, for what would be her third term on the EEOC. The rule Lee used allows a single senator to block or kill off a non-judiciary presidential nomination, the Washington Blade reports. Washington Senator Patty Murray, who has been vocal in her support of Feldblum’s nomination, also said that the Senate has approved almost all EEOC nominees by unanimous consent. Lee voted against marriage equality and he has been trying to legalize so-called religious freedom bill for almost 4 years already.


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