Trans university students were banned from using male bathrooms


The security guard at the Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) allegedly asked two transgender male students to leave the men’s bathroom as they, he believed, had no right to use it. If they were dissatisfied with using a female bathroom (obviously they were, because they are men), then they could have used a gender-neutral one as an alternative. But Toby George and Tilbert Wilson disagreed to do it because they don’t consider themselves to be gender-neutral. Then the guard told students to show him their identification cards, and when they asked why it was necessary, he explained that it was his instruction in cases of suspicious behavior. The young men, in turn, did not feel there could be something suspicious in using a bathroom.The university’s policy says that students should be treated “as their self-identified gender” and that this includes “the use of facilities, including toilets.” A university spokesperson also told the Telegraph that security staff would be given “up-to-date” information on their policy on bathroom use and apologized to the students.


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