Alan Sugar has responded to the accusations of homophobia


As we reported earlier today, businessman Alan Sugar has been criticized for an apparently homophobic remark he used to make on Twitter last month in respond to the joking tweet showing his face photoshopped to the package of the Sugar Puffs cereal. He said that there had been a number of puffs going through his boardroom and a scandal emerged. But Mr, Sugar accused the British media which highlighted the situation (among them were in part The Sun and Mail Online) of making a scandal of nothing. The businessman claimed that even though Sugar Puffs reference in the original post was a pun on his last name, the word ‘puffs’ he used in the reply to it was not meant to be a pun to the homophobic slur ‘poofs’, as the audience could suggest. Sugar explained that by ‘puffs’ he meant people full of hot air, whatever he meant by it.


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