Catholic priest calls the rainbow flag a creation of Satan


A Catholic priest in Calgary, Canada is facing criticism as he called an LGBT flag an invention of the devil in order to deviate people from God. Jerome Lavigne, the vicar for education at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, said the rainbow flag was a pure evil because it was created to glorify disobeying the ‘natural order’, The Star Calgary reports. In his sermon, entitled “The Rainbow,” the priest, who works in the publicly funded Calgary Catholic School District to help prepare students as young as six for confirmation, told followers that Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Pride Flag, used God’s holy sign of rainbow on purpose, to make people believe that God approves homosexuality, which is not true. And using God’s signs to cover up sins and to represent them (sins) as something good is a common tactic of Satan. Well, Gilbert Baker had its own symbolism in his creation – each color of the flag symbolized an emotion. But even if to view the rainbow as a Biblical symbol, this is how God told Noah that everything would be okay however hard it was by then. This is the message most LGBT [people need to hear, there is no controversy. And by the way, the Bible does not disapprove gay people or any other category of people, God is not prejudiced. Though the Bible recommends men to avoid sex with each other. In response to backlash from some in the community, Calgary Bishop William McGrattan said in a statement that the Church “advocates that we live together in an atmosphere of peace, safety and respect for the dignity of one another regardless of age, ancestry, body image, culture, sexual orientation and religion.”


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