South Korean pro gamer Effect is bisexual


South Korean gamer Hyeon Hwang, better known to his fans as Effect, has come out as bisexual in a Twitter post last month. He wrote the coming out message in Korean and translated it in a while to make it clearer for the international audience. “It is true that I am bisexual. I’ve been hiding it since young and never even showed a hint to anyone except my family (even they got mad immediately).I [am] finally putting down this burden after the hard time of hiding. Sorry for causing the confusion with such sudden announcement,” the gamer wrote. The tweet gained thousands of likes and replies, the majority of which were mostly positive, even though South Korea is known as a country with a rather poor LGBT representation and conservative laws. Effect later shared screenshots of a conversation between he and his father, which was translated from Korean from one of his fans, translator Hajinsun. The father was shocked, but he showed support to his son, saying that though it is hard for him to accept this part of his son’s personality, her understands that it is necessary to do it and he will try his best to learn and to become more tolerant.


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