Trans demonstrators protest Transgender Persons Bill in India


Trans citizens in India have taken to the streets to protest the country’s Transgender Persons Bill, as even though it was planned to protect transgender Indians from discrimination, has a very controversial wording that could be dangerous for the transgender community of the country. Critics say the bill is problematic because it requires members of the trans community to be assessed by “screening committees” to determine their trans identity, which means that a person is to be legally recognized as trans not on the basis of self-identity, the medical approval would be required. Madhumita, a trans woman, told The Times of India that the bill threatens the trans community, adding that provisions in the bill ban trans citizens from begging on the streets and sex working to survive, as they struggle to be legally employed because of their trans identity. “There is nothing that provides alternative employment opportunities,” Madhumita said, “It is precisely because of a rigid mindset and discrimination at the workplace that transgenders resort to begging.”


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