Transgender New Zealand man welcomed baby girl


Transgender New Zealand man Scout Barbour-Evans identifies as transmasculine and prefers to be addressed with gender-neutral ‘they\them’ pronouns. They have made an announcement right before Christmas, writing that Santa had a very special gift for them that year.”She’s perfect and I’m in love, but we’re still adjusting to life with each other so we aren’t taking visitors or many calls,” the parent said about the newborn daughter who was born using a sperm donor. They said that the girl came to this world at home, not in the hospital, because it was a longtime dream of the parent to give birth at home. The process of giving birth was described as “pretty magic but very fast and rough on my body. Even if I’d wanted a hospital birth I wouldn’t have managed to get there.” They added that they have always dreamed about a child of their own, even when they were a child themselves, they understood that there could be no bigger happiness in this world for them than to hold their own baby, so now they are truly delighted.


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