America’s second-oldest women’s college is now trans-accepting


The second-oldest all-women’s college in the United States has announced it has changed its acceptance policy rules to accept those potential students who identify as transgender females. Stephens College in Missouri has adjusted its admissions policy to accept transgender women and non-binary students assigned as female at birth. The decision, which has been in consideration by the college since 2014, is part of a recommittal by Stephens College of its “singular mission of educating women,” meaning not only cis women, all people who live as women, it has always been so, but now it is officially confirmed. As part of the new policy, the college also said it would no longer admit students who were born female but identify as men, because if identity is a key factor to define a woman, then it should be a key factor to define a man. And as it is a college for women, it is logical that it does not accept men, either cis or trans. 26 of the 39 women’s colleges in the Women’s College Coalition have now adopted admission policies recognising both sex and gender. The remaining 13 continue to consider their options.


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