Bollywood actress Flora Saini is set to star in a lesbian love scene


Bollywood star Flora Saini will have a passionate lesbian love scene in the Gandii Baat sequel according to the footage that was later deleted because it was spread viral without any official permission from the film crew or at least making them aware of it. The second season of the Indian web series, which addresses a different sexual plot in each episode, is set to include a Bollywood lesbian story starring Saini and fellow Bollywood actress Anveshi Jain. Saini also told daily newspaper Mid Day that despite what people were saying, the Bollywood lesbian clip is focused on feelings and emotions, the goal is not to show lesbian sex, the point is not in sex at all, it is all about loving and being loved, so calling this scene sexual and lustful would narrow its actual context. “In this scene, emotions were running high. It was a celebration of love, unlike the sequences involving the men in the show,” she insisted, adding that shooting this scene was absolutely comfortable for her thanking to the fim director and her own mother, who watched her daughter acting a lesbian love and reacted positively on the result.


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