Gay couples are suing Japanese government


Ten same-sex couples will file a lawsuit against the Japanese government, demanding to have their relationships legally recognized. The couples, who will file a joint lawsuit in February, reportedly argue that Japanese law doesn’t put into consideration the equal rights of same-sex couples and that is why it should be reconsidered and extended. According to The Japan Times, The government has meanwhile indicated that marriage should only apply to one man and one woman as family registration laws use terms ‘husband and wife’, leaving gay and lesbian couples without a chance to officially recognize their relationships. In Japan, eight municipal jurisdictions, including Fukuoka and Osaka, recognize civil partnerships but this law is not nationwide, even though the majority of Japanese claim to be LGBT-supportive. The lawsuit follows the recent announcement that Tokyo would be banning anti-discrimination and hate crime to help protect the LGBT community as the capital gears up for the 2020 Olympic Games. The move was approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and is due to come into effect later this year.


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