Illinois grants trans inmate transfer to a female facility


Trans inmate Strawberry Hampton won a year-long battle to be transferred to a woman’s prison. She was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for burglary and was originally placed in the male facility, where she was discriminated against and abused, so she started a legal battle to be placed in prison in correspondence with her gender identity. In the lawsuit, filed on her behalf by lawyers at Uptown People’s Law Center and MacArthur Justice Center, she alleged that she was made to feel like a “sex slave,” she was repeatedly assaulted, both sexually and physically. Her lawyers said she was given so many false disciplinary tickets she was forced to spend prolonged periods in solitary confinement, where she made several suicide attempts.Her case has already helped improving the prison system. In November, the federal judge in southern Illinois who ordered that prison officials re-evaluate Hampton’s request for a transfer, also ordered that prison staff in the state be trained in transgender issues.


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