Pose star Indya Moore realized she is poly


The transgender actress, known for the role in Ryan Murphy’s trans-themed show Pose, told her Twitter followers that she had realized she was poly. The word ‘poly’ could mean either ‘polysexual’ (being attracted to multiple genders) or ‘polyamorous’ (having romantic relationships with two or more people simultaneously or willing to have such relationships). Moore did not explain which of these terms (or maybe both of them?) she applied to herself. Being asked for an explanation the actress replied with a GIF of a shape slowly forming itself into an asterisk. So, she moves different ways when it comes to love, and the majority of her followers congratulated her with realizing it. Some of them said they were poly too, welcoming Indya in their ‘poly club’, even trying to flirt with her. The actress flirted back and thanked fans for support – she probably feels great with her new poly identity.


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