Rose Parade has a queer queen now


Louise Deser Siskel has revealed that she will be the first openly LGBT+ Rose Queenin the whole history of the parade. The 2019 Rose Parade on January 1 will be the 130th anniversary of the event in Pasadena, California—and Siskel has become the first of the parade‘s 101 queens to announce that she’s proud to be the first queer Jewish Rose Queen, who also wears glasses. She said that the secret of her win was honesty – she opened up about who she is, how she seeks and what she believes in. The teenager, who comes from San Marino, California, also told Pasadena Now that her family and all of her friends were there to support her during the parade, and it made her feel like a queen long before she was crowned. The Tournament of Roses Association, which runs the Rose Parade, confirmed that Siskel had made the statement, adding that it does not require participants to reveal details about their race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – everybody is welcomed


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