Olivia Colman played a trick on Emma Stone as they acted lesbian love


The Favorite star Olivia Colman described an awkward moment as two characters, Colman’s Queen Anne and Emma Stone’s Abigail Masham, were making love. The British actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show on December 31 along with co-star Nicholas Hoult to talk about the film which is aired in the UK since January 1st. “So Emma had to finger me,” Colman said, describing the setting of the sex scene they were due to shoot. It was awkward and somehow uncomfortable, but she trusted the film director completely and did it. Colman said that she used a sponge as a prop, to Stone’s surprise. She will never forget her colleague’s shocked face, both were laughing as the shooting was over. Colman and Stone have previously talked about how much they enjoyed working together. Speaking at the Venice Film Festival in August, Colman said: “It was awfully fun having sex with Emma Stone.” And Stone added that it was totally mutual, considering it necessary to clarify that they did it only on screen.


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