Celine Dion attended Lady Gaga’s concert and it was epic


Footage of Celine Dion energetically dancing at a Lady Gaga concert has gone viral and the fans that seeing Dion dancing to the songs of her younger colleague excited them on the same level as Gaga’s show itself. Dion took to Instagram on December 31 to post a video of herself frenetically busting some moves at Gaga’s new “Enigma” residency at the Park Theater, Park MGM, in Las Vegas, USA.. The Canadian star wrote that Gaga is an extremely talented performer who takes the audience’s breath away with what she does on stage, and Dion had so much fun at her show. Gaga, meanwhile, uploaded a photo on Instagram of Dion with her arms wrapped around her. But the fan account has uploaded the video of Dion dancing to Gaga, from which it is clear that the emotions she talks about in her post are not just empty words. The fan account added in a later tweet: “Talent supporting talent. No seriously, what a legendary, beautiful, kind, talented, incredible, amazing woman.”


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