Christian Keyes says that gay men are harassing him


American actor and model Christian Keyes has called for other men to stop sending him sexually explicit comments and direct messages on Instragram, which, he says, are often inappropriate and aggressive. Christian Keyes, who starred in the Bounce TV soap opera Saints & Sinners, posted a video on Instagram, explaining that he feels nothing but respect towards the LGBT community in general but it still gives no right for certain individuals to harass him. He has no problem with that fact that they are gay\bi, but they are rude and this is a problem. “Gentlemen, let’s not be in the comments section with the eggplant emojis and, you know, the sexual comments. I’m not a fan of that,” he wrote, “No-one need to be harassing nobody and doing all of that, man. It’s too much. It’s too aggressive. I say let’s not do that and let’s just respect who people are, genuinely. I think that’s a fair request.”


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