Doctor Who introduced a gay character and killed him immediately


Connor Calland played a security guard, named in the show’s credits as Richard, who challenged Dalek-controlled character Lin who tried to get into the facility the man was guarding. Asked who can unlock a fingerprint-controlled door, the character responded: “Today, just me. Most secure digits in Yorkshire. That’s what I tell my boyfriend, anyway. I probably shouldn’t be telling you that, I’m new at this.” Queer fans had no time to express their excitement after hearing the word ‘boyfriend’ because the character was dead within seconds. Some fans linked the brief moment as an example of the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope, noting that Doctor Who has killed several minor LGBT+ characters across the past season. However, others on Twitter argued that creating LGBT+ characters who are just as disposable as any other should be viewed as a positive step, given Doctor Who‘s bigger commitment to representation.


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