Indian lesbian gained the right to live with partner


A lesbian from India who was allegedly held against her will by her husband and parents has won the right to leave them and to stay with the woman she loves. The High Court of Delhi‘s Justices Siddharth Mridul and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal said the woman, who has not been named, had an “inalienable human and fundamental right” to leave her husband to whom she was forcefully married in 2016 not to be imprisoned. Lesbianism was legalized in India only in 2018. But now she can legally be herself and there is no need to st6ay with a person who humiliates her. Her husband reported her to the police as missing. After she clarified to authorities that she had willingly left their home, her 36-year-old partner took the case to court, saying she was bothered whether the woman was safe. After hearing testimony from the lesbian woman’s mother and father, the judges decided that the parents were “concerned not only about her wellbeing, but the ramifications of her relationship with the petitioner/ [girlfriend], which, in their view, may be a cause for embarrassment and humiliation to them.” They dismissed the parents’ fears, saying that the woman does nothing illegal or forbidden, she can choose whom to live


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