Same-sex family with three kids talks about their challenges and happy moments


Lesbian mothers Ebony and Denise say that children raised by two moms do not differ from children raised by two dads, by mom and dad or by one parent only. The society sees the difference, but children don’t – all they need is to be loved, the rest does not matter. The lesbian couple have been together for 12 years and have three children together—Olivia, age six, was carried by Ebony and twin boys Jayden and Lucas, age one and a half, were carried by Denise. “What we say to people who feel as though same-sex parenting is wrong is pretty much: why? Why do you feel that it is wrong?” they ask, explaining why they started documenting their parenting journey. They wanted to show that “there is no difference based on the make-up of our family and how our parenting is no different to any other parent.” Their daughter says that the best thing about having two moms is being loved by them, and could there be better words to describe it?


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