Trans rights campaigner Julia Grant died age 64


The famous activist featured in the ground-breaking BBC Two documentary series A Change of Sex, which followed her transition using the NHS, including her surgery and hormone replacement therapy that started in 1979 and lasted 2 decades. A Change of Sex, directed by David Pearson, is believed to be the first time a trans person’s transition was documented on mainstream television, even though there were some things that trans people disliked – using Grant’s birthname, intrusive methods and so on. Melvin Taylor, a friend of Grant’s, confirmed t that Grant died of short illness on January 2nd. “When Julia first did her televised operation in 1979 it lay the ground for the many beautiful trans people to see the light. I have to say Julia gave many people the courage, like she had, to become the butterfly they wanted to be and become the person they wanted to be,” Taylor wrote.


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