Two Indian women split from husbands to be together


Two lesbian women in India who were separated by their families and forced into arranged marriages now decided to divorce and to be happy with each other instead of pretending to be someone they have never been. The brides from the northern town of Hamirpur, who are 24 and 26 and haven’t been named for their own protection, traded garlands in a temple ceremony, even though thje Indian laws do not allow same-sex marriages, so from the legal point of view it cannot be recognized as a wedding. The pair met in college more than six years ago but as their families figured out that they were in love, they separated them and forced them to marry men. But neither of them lost hope to reunite with her true love one day, and now they are fighting for making it legal. The couple’s lawyer, Daya Shankar Tiwari, has said he will challenge the registrar’s decision not to recognize the two women as legally married. If he succeeds, it will open the door for marriage equality in India.


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