First out bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema sworn in by the VP


The Arizona Democrat was sworn in on January 3 after a narrow victory in November’s midterm elections, becoming the second American out LGBT Senator and the first one identifying as bisexual. She was sworn in by the US Vice-President Mike Pence, who has a controversial record concerning LGBT issues. The incoming senator, who is divorced hasn’t remarried, cracked a joke with Pence when she noted the empty spot where a senator’s husband or wife would usually stand. She quipped: “Oh, it says spouse… Could we get a spouse?” As an atheist she preferred to swear on the book of laws from the Congress Library instead of the Bible. A spokesperson for Sinema told the Arizona Republic: “Kyrsten always gets sworn in on a Constitution simply because of her love for the Constitution.” Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez congratulated Sinema on a “stunning victory.” Perez said: “Arizonans went to the polls looking for bold new leadership, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get with their first-ever female senator and our nation’s second openly LGBTQ senator. Unlike her predecessor, Senator Sinema is ready to fight on day one for quality health care, a VA system that works the way it should for our veterans, comprehensive immigration reform, good-paying jobs, and an economy that works for all Arizonans.”


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