Gay Brazilian footballer decided to resume his career


Douglas Braga moved to Rio de Janeiro when he was aged 12, with the dream of becoming a professional footballer. 6 years of his life were devoted to playing in the third division club Madureir, later he was signed by Botafogo, one of Rio’s top clubs, which had recently topped the Brazilian league. But, around the same time, Braga started to discover sexual attractions and desires, and understood that he was gay, which, as he thought, could not be combined with a successful football career. But it was then, and now, 15 years later, he thinks that it is time for changes. Braga has joined a gay amateur club called BeesCats in Rio, founded by another gay footballer André Machado to prove that who you are should never be treated as an obstacle to who you want to be. Braga’s story is the subject of a BBC Radio 4 report called The Brazilian Footballer Who Never Was by journalist David Baker.


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