Gay men from Hong Kong sue the Government to marry each other


The two men, aged 21 and 31, lodged a claim at Hong Kong’s high court, arguing that forbidding them to marry violates the autonomous territory’s Bill of Rights, which states that all citizens of Hong Kong must be equal in their rights. The 21-year-old University Hong Kong student and the 31-year-old activist have mounted two separate legal challenges against the current law in Hong Kong which bans same-sex marriages and civil unions. Homosexuality itself is legal and same-sex couples who co-habit are legally protected since 2009. But a number of activists in the country and just regular citizens are challenging the government stating that it is probably not enough in the modern, civilized society. In November, lawmakers in Hong Kong have narrowly rejected a bill that would have opened up the doors for same-sex civil unions. Raymond Chan, Hong Kong’s first openly gay lawmaker, put a bill before the autonomous region’s legislative council paved the way for the gay civil unions.


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