Japanese lesbians are to wed in all countries where it is legal because they can’t do it at home


A Japanese lesbian couple is planning to visit all 26 countries where same-sex marriage is legal to protest against marriage equality still being illegal in their native Japan. University students Misato Kawasaki, 21, and Mayu Otaki, 22, clarified that they are not going to have 26 actual wedding ceremonies, they are going to wear wedding outfits and take 26 wedding pictures in different locations. The couple hope that the photos, published on their blog and social media channels along with other content from the six-month trip, will make Japanese people in general and government in part to reconsider their views concerning marriage equality. Several months after they started dating in late 2017, Kawasaki proposed to Otaki, asking her: “Will you stay with me forever?” because her country does not let her say the most desirable “Will you marry me?” Several cities in Japan recognize same-sex civil unions, but marriages are still not permitted.


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