Piers Morgan called out Ellen DeGeneres for urging people to forgive Kevin Hart


Piers Morgan has accused Ellen DeGeneres of “hypocrisy” after she revealed she had urged the Academy to allow Kevin Hart to host the Oscars after he stepped down in the wake of the homophobic tweet backlash. Morgan noted that if Donald Trump said something similar to what Hart has tweeted, Ellen would tear him apart. “Liberal celebrity hypocrisy is such a limitless vibe,” he added. Eight minutes later, Morgan tweeted a follow-up post, saying that he sincerely believes that Hart deserves a second chance, he should be forgiven and allowed to host the Oscars, but the thing is that Ellen is prejudiced towards Hart and is ready to forgive him something she would not forgive same other people for the same things, especially Donald Trump. The response on Twitter was hostile towards Morgan, who has in recent times repeatedly attacked non-binary people on his ITV show and Twitter. Many said that Hart and Trump weren’t comparable, considering that one is a stand-up comic and the other is the leader of the free world. “One’s the president, the other’s a comedian,” tweeted one such commenter.


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