TV host Paul Sinha announced engagement


The host of the popular ITV quizzing show The Chase announced that he and his partner were ready for the next step in their relationships, and Sinha was the one who proposed. It is quite surprising, because the TV presenter used to say that he was supportive of gay marriages in general, but it was unlikely for him to marry one day, he loved his partner Oliver, but the perspective too call him a husband and to have kids seemed unreal. But as we all see, unlikely does not mean impossible and it is better never to say ‘never’. Sinha is more mature now and he understands that when one finds a person to spend the rest of their life with, then one should try their best never to let this person go. We don’t know how his Hindu family might react on the news, but they accepted his coming out quite well and said that they were grateful to the Lord that he could find his significant other, according to the comedian’s past interviews, so now they should be really excited.


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