British lesbian couple receives a homophobic Christmas card


The couple spoke to Manchester Evening News about the experience of receiving a hateful message that read: “Lesbian is disgusting & filth unnatural abnormal” along with the pre-filled message: “Blessings of the Season.” They explained that the card arrived by post on Christmas Eve to one of the women’s mother’s house. The mother hid the card not to upset her daughter and her girlfriend, as she was really terrified with what was written there. The card was signed as being from the Methodist Church, containing no name. The women found out about the card and they were shocked – first of all because they have never faced such kind of verbal abuse before, and second of all they don’t understand why the thugs bothered the mother of one of them, as the women are living separately and planning the wedding. They are going to report the incident o the police as soon as possible.


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