Japanese lawmaker says LGBT population growth would lead to the nation’s collapse


Katsuei Hirasawa of the Liberal Democratic Party made the comments at an event in Japan two weeks ago. The comments were broadcast on Nippon News Network the following day. He said that right now people are under fire for criticizing LGBT, but if everyone becomes LGBT, the nation would be likely to collapse. He said that the birth rates are already too low in Japan and having same-sex marriages legalized would drop these rates even lower. Probably the politician believes in a common misconception of the inability of LGBT people to reproduce, though if assisted reproductive technologies like IVF, IUI and surrogacy are legally approved (and Japan currently struggles with this issue), it will increase birth rates and it will not matter whether the parents are gay or straight. Japanese are likely to support same-sex marriages and parenting and this country can be called LGBT-friendly, especially if to compare with the rest of the Asian countries.


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