Press watchdog accused Sunday Times of misleading people about trans-inclusive bathrooms


The article “Ladies’ loos at City landmarks may open to trans women,” published on July 29 2018, attracted complaints for its coverage of a City of London consultation on a transgender-inclusive policy. According to the article the review would give trans women an opportunity to use female public bathroom facilities and that is why it was so radical. But actually transgender women are not forbidden to use female bathroom facilities in London or elsewhere across the country, there is no law that would forbid them to do this. If someone tries to ban a trans woman from using a facility in correspondence with her gender identity, it will be enough to start a legal case for violation of the Equality Act 2010. The newspaper published a correction on January 6, after independent press watchdog IPSO ruled that the publication “had no basis for this claim” and found “there had been a failure to take care over the accuracy of this information” in breach of the IPSO code”.


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