The mother of drag kid Desmond allows her son to perform in gay bars


Drag kid Desmond is Amazing has performed in one of the gay bars of Brooklyn, which brought his parents under fire for allowing their child to ‘dance like a stripper’ in front of gay men. But the boy’s proud mother says that most drag queens are gay, gay men are the key audience, and there is nothing sexually explicit or lustful in the majority of drag shows, and nobody expects anything like this from a child like Desmond, who is just enjoying cross-dressing and lipsyncing. He is not forced to do it, he is not abused or exploited, he just does what he loves. Desmond’s mum said the backlash was “blatant homophobia” and a “display of the grossly outdated” idea that all gay men are potential child abusers willing to exploit little boys to satisfy their sexual needs. But this is a cruel and misleading myth, Desmond’s parents are always next to him, they support him in what he does and they would never let anybody hurt him.


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