Ultra-religious Jews say they will leave the UK because of LGBT-inclusive education


An ultra-Orthodox Jewish activist has warned that the members of this community are not going to stay in this country if it applies the LGBT-inclusive school curriculum. Lawyers have written to the Department of Education on behalf of Shraga Stern to say that members of Britain’s 70,000-strong ultra-religious Charedi community prefer to stay in the country which does not teach homosexuality in a positive context. Stern’s lawyers told Education Minister Damian Hinds and Minister of State Nick Gibb that their client, whose children attend an independent faith school in London, was seriously concerned about the possible changes in the British educational system. The initial proposals state that pupils must be made aware of the Equality Act’s protected characteristics—which include “sexual orientation” and “gender reassignment”—in an “age-appropriate way.”The lawyers have called the draft guidance “disproportionate, morally unacceptable to our client and unlawful.”


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