World’s biggest gay dating app Blued faces criticism for its age policy


Blued, the world’s biggest gay dating app, says it is “investigating” allegations about the app being used by underage people regardless of being marked as 18+. Chinese outlet Caixin investigated the proliferation of the app’s age policy as a number of teen boys alleged that they were forced into sex by elderly men via the app. The app was also linked to a surge of new HIV infections in the region. Peng Xiaohui, from the China Sexology Association, told the South China Morning Post he had warned Blued’s founder to make efforts to monitor the users’ age more strictly. In a statement posted on Chinese social network Weibo, Blued said: “Blued was founded to provide a more transparent, proactive and healthy online home for the minority. We have met with difficulties and challenges and we will continue improving. Blued has always forbidden juveniles from logging on to and using the app.” The company said it would hold a number of measures checking the age of the users and would review the content of the app from the point of view of minor-related materials


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