Amber Heard tells the world that there is nothing wrong about being bi


The Aquaman star, who revealed her sexuality in 2010 at a GLAAD event, told Italian magazine IO Donna that she considered it necessary to come out because as a young girl who just started realizing that she was attracted to both boys and girls she had no role models to look up to, and now it is important for her to tell her young fans (especially bi ones) that love is love and it cannot be wrong. The actress added that there were several bisexual actors and actresses when she decided o come out, but most of them were closeted as bisexuality was considered a taboo even in showbusiness, and somehow it still is. “So I told myself to describe reality in a truthful way and to offer young people someone to look up to, since those of my generation had grown up without any model of reference,” the actress said, adding that one of the main advantages of being a celebrity is having a platform to speak out, and as your voice is heard and listened up to, you have a chance to raise really important issues.


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