Facebook seeks advice from anti-gay evangelical


The social media giant has been reaching out to conservatives and right-wing groups for input over policy decisions, after criticism about the moderation of abusive content on the website. The Wall Street Journal reported on January 8th of “behind-the-scenes lobbying” from right-wing groups, while Facebook has also “privately sought advice” from their representatives. For this they addressed to the anti-gay evangelical group Family Research Council. The leader of the FRC Tony Perkins is known for controversial remarks against LGBT community blaming it for pedophilia (he said that straight people could not be pedophiles. Actually, to understand the truth he needed to ask himself a question – have girls ever become victims of pedophiles? The answer is ‘yes’, so it speaks for itself ) and natural disasters (in part he said that God had subjected America to hurricanes as a punishment for same-sex marriages. Another simple question for Mr. Perkins to ask himself – have hurricanes occurred in the country before it legalized same-sex marriages in 2015?). LGBT+ groups were among those to express concerns in December about the platform’s failure to control hate speech among users and now they are highly concerned about the kind of advice that Facebook hopes to receive from the leaders of hate groups.


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