Two girls committed suicide because of homophobic bullying


Madissen Foxx Paulsen took her own life using her dad’s gun in December 2017 in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota. Her father Shane said that his daughter’s BFF Sophia killed herself too just two months later, and not only because she was grieving. The two girls were connected very closely, that is why their classmates accused them of being lesbians and subjected both of them to a cruel homophobic abuse they just could not take anymore. “I know they shared their affection for each other, and maybe they shared it with their classmates, and a lot of that may have pushed them into this,” Paulsen said, adding that his daughter was just a lovely girl who loved life and he could not forgive himself that he did not notice that she felt so bad that wanted to die. Paulsen said that his daughter’s sexuality was not an issue for him and that she was just questioning who she was, and even if she was actually a lesbian, he would love and support her no matter what, he is LGBT suppo0rtive and has gay relatives. But on the other side of the coin he realizes that people who live in his small town are conservative Trump supporters who use homophobic slurs as a joke, so not everybody could support an 11-year-old who could be possibly queer. Paulsen said that Sophia’s mother said the same thing, her daughter told her about being attracted to Madissen. “I told her, if somebody’s saying something to you, let me know, we’ll get to the bottom of it. I thought that communication was open between us,” she said. But Sophia did not tell her anything.


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