Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson says her character will have a same-sex affair


Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer revealed in an interview that Jacobson’s character Abbi Abrahams is not completely straight, and the 5th season of the show (which is also the last) will be devoted to her coming in terms with her sexual fluidity and experimenting with a woman. During the recent interview with the New York Times, Jacobson said that she and Glazer wanted to make their characters more realistic, more like real women each of us can meet on the street. They used themselves as prototypes, but the characters were not like them at all, and now they want to change it – it does not mean that they will play themselves, but they are going to add some aspects of their real personalities to the characters. Jacobson recently wrote about her experience coming out in her book I Might Regret This. Talking about the importance of taking time out to process everything, the actress wrote: “I knew the past year had cracked me open and changed the assumptions of what my life could be. I wanted to create time to specifically think about that.”


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