Gay man was attacked by a dozen of thugs in Italy


Leonardo Ranieri, 53, was admitted to the local Molinette hospital with multiple lesions, bruises and a fractured septum after the attack on January 2, according to the Italian media outlet GayNews. The man remembers that there were at least 12 attackers who yells homophobic slurs at him and threatened to kill him, also stealing some of his possessions. The attack took place right near the man’s house and was witnessed by his neighbors, but not only didn’t they try to help him, but also joined to the act of cruel abuse and yelled that people like him deserved to be burnt alive. “I decided to publish the violence, let’s not let the guard down,” he wrote on his Facebook in Italian, captioning the picture of his bruised face. “When homophobia hits you but it does not break you,” he concluded, urging people to resist violence, cruelty and abuse in all ways possible.


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