Julián Castro, Barack Obama’s former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, considers presidency


Julián Castro, who oversaw the Department of Housing and Urban Development from 2014 to 2017, has made a speech in his native city San Antonio, TX, in which he noted that he was going to take part in the Presidential election 2020. He discussed the problems of migrants in the USA in general and Mexicans in part, in a bid to set himself out from what is likely to be a crowded Democratic primary to select the party’s challenger to the current Republican POTUS, known for his controversial anti-migrant ruling. Julián Castro has been a longtime supporter of LGBT rights, he worked with Cyndi Lauper’s LGBT youth charity True Colors. “Every American should have access to decent, affordable housing. It’s a tragedy that so many LGBTQ youth are being mistreated simply because of who they are, making them particularly vulnerable to homelessness. Our partnership with the True Colors Fund and these two communities will help ensure that these young folks have a place to call home and an opportunity to achieve their dreams,” he said by then.


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