Logan Paul apologized for his remarks about ‘going gay’


As we reported recently, the popular vlogger Logan Paul has come under fire among his watchers as he had promised in one of his podcasts to have spent a month dating men only, and he had called it ‘going gay’. And even though there is nothing bad in experimenting with your own sex and being sexually fluid, people strongly disapproved Logan’s choice of words to describe it – it is not possible to go gay, people are born this way and they cannot change it. So, the youtuber had to apologize for his inappropriate statement. I n response to GLAAD sharing PinkNews’ coverage of the original story on Twitter, in which the organisation tweeted: “That’s not how it works, @LoganPaul,” the YouTuber said: “Very poor choice of words… my fault.” Paul also invited representatives from GLAAD to his next podcast, promising to devote it to the LGBT audience and spreading LGBT awareness, because this unpleasant situation gave him a lesson that people often hurt other people with no intend to do it as they are just unaware of how to express their thoughts right.


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