Teddy Geiger says coming out as transgender helped her to boost mental health


Transgender musician Teddy Geiger confessed that she used to suffer from anxiety and CDS tendencies, but as she came in terms with herself as a transgender female, revealed it publicly and began her transition journey, she started to feel much better, and now she feels that her mental health problems have been completely eliminated. She said that when she realized she was not a boy, she felt ashamed of it, as she did not know any other person who would feel the same. The singer-songwriter said that getting treatment for her reliance on cigarettes and marijuana and obsessive-compulsive tendencies, helped her to understand what was going on. “I learned in one of the groups about shame and guilt… and how shame thrives on secrecy,” she said of her time in treatment. “So I told a couple friends about it,” she said. “I was like ‘hey, might be trans, might want to look at doing hormone therapy, just letting you know’ … and they were like ‘Yeah cool. Who cares? Like whatever, awesome,” Teddy says now.


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