Irish lesbian mothers are both likely to be mentioned in their child’s birth certificate


The country’s government has approved a bill which will enable both women to be mentioned as the child’s mothers, though previous law allowed only a woman who gave birth to the child to be mentioned as mother. The Civil Registration Bill 2019 will allow all lesbian couples who have had donor-assisted babies to be registered as their legal parents. Those lesbian couples who had children before the law was enacted will have an opportunity to re-register them. The Department of Social Protection said that changing the law would “resolve a number of difficulties in the registration of donor-assisted births and will be brought forward as a priority,” as the required particulars for the child to be registered are going to be extended, replacing the heteronormative ‘mother and father’ binary with more neutral and inclusive term ‘parent’. “At present, birth certificates issued in respect of donor-assisted children born to same-sex couples only allow for the recording of the mother’s details. I am now very pleased to be able to bring these changes forward as a priority to ensure that they can be introduced as soon as possible,” Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty stated.


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