Mosul building used by Islamic radicals to execute gay people is demolished


The building in downtown Mosul, Iraq, was heavily featured in ISIS news propaganda clips between 2014 and 2017, when the terrorist group controlled of the city. Men accused of having sex with other men had been massively thrown from the roof of the building and had been stoned to death if they had not died in a result of the fall. But now this disgraced building is torn down, according to the newest report. The Chadirji Building, which was the headquarters of Iraq’s National Insurance Company prior to the ISIS occupation, had been heavily damaged during the 2017 bombardment campaign that forced ISIS out of the city. The demolishing work has begun a month ago and there are three floors to left to tear down so far. Some in the city opposed the decision, arguing that it should have been kept in a ruined state “as a witness to the ugliness of Daesh’s crimes against Mosul.” But resident Samira Ali called for the site to be replaced with a museum remembering the victims of the atrocities committed by ISIS.


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