New York bans ‘gay cure therapy ‘and passes trans-protection law


The state of New York has passed bills banning gay conversion therapy and extended the state-wide anti-discrimination law to include gender identity as a factor people can be discriminated against by, which means that transgender New Yorkers will be legally protected by the state and discrimination against them will be officially outlawed. The state’s legislative body approved the bills on Tuesday (January 15), according to Democratic senator Brad Hoylman. The bills had already been passed by New York’s Assembly but had previously faced resistance in the Senate, so they had to wait for the results of the midterm elections for the bill to be passed forward. The passing of the bill means that New York has become the fifteenth state to ban gay conversion therapy. The other bill, called the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which added gender identity to the state’s hate crime laws, was first put forward to the legislative body around 17 years ago but Republican senators prevented it from being passed.


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