Rose McGowan says she dated women but Hollywood bosses made her hide it


“My history is that I have dated women before, never in a relationship, always just more casual dating,” the actress told PinkNews, also adding that she really tried to get into long-term relationships with a man, but it still did not work out. Asked whether she had ever had to conceal her sexuality, McGowan responded that in Hollywood she has always been a freak and people considered her weird because she did not fit the standards. So, she had to pretend to be a person others wanted her to be, because she had experienced poverty and homelessness and did not want that horror of her life to start again. “It was definitely something that, you didn’t want to be caught in a photo, you didn’t want to, you know, have someone writing about it. Because it would confuse the issue of trying to not be homeless and play by their rules, of which there are many… they’re all invisible rules and none of them really make that much sense,” the actress said about her past dating life.


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