Study shows that women lose virginity before they are ready


Statistics attained from more than 2,800 sexually active British people aged 17 to 24 showed that 52 percent of women and 44 percent of men did not consider themselves sexually competent enough when they started their sex life. Many of them were drunk during the first sex or they were put under pressure by partners or by society which establishes some standards (even unintended) about when it is time to have sex. The paper, published last week in the BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health journal, also showed that twice as many women as men feel pressured into sex when they lose their virginity, and men are more likely to describe their first sex as a positive experience while women often feel morally traumatized with losing virginity, even if it was consensual .“If it turns into a miserable experience then it colors subsequent experiences and that is a shame for young people because it is an important part of life and of their relationships,” the researchers say


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