Billy Eichner wants to be the first gay star of The Bachelor


When the comedian and actor appeared on The Bachelor as a guest and told the current leading face of the popular show Colton Underwood that he might have been the first gay Bachelor but nobody knew it. It was a joke that made Underwood laugh, but even if there is no gay Bachelor now, it does not mean that there will never be one, and Eichner even addressed the show’s official Twitter account offering himself as a possible candidature, as his heart is still not taken. A huge number of fans voiced their approval of this idea. Many of them expressed their delight in very similar ways, writing that even though they had not watched the show before, they would do it if Eichner starred in it. Eichner firmly knocked back suggestions that he feature in a reboot of gay dating show Finding Prince Charming. He wrote to one person, “I will only do THE BACHELOR. No knockoffs for Billy!” before telling another Finding Prince Charming fan: “With all due respect, that doesn’t count.”


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