Elverly lesbiqns lost a discrimination lawsuit


An elderly lesbian couple have lost their discrimination case against a retirement home that denied them a spot as they found out that they were spouses. A Missouri district court has objected to the couple’s claim of discrimination on the basis of sex, finding that the two were rejected not for being men – the retirement home noted that a male same-sex couple would have been denied spousal accommodation as well because they believe marriage to be defined as a monogamous heterosexual union only. Under these circumstances, the Court finds the claims boil down to those of discrimination based on sexual orientation rather than sex alone, the court decided, according to a document issued on January 16th, but the thing is that there is no legal protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the state of Missouri. Missouri House of Representatives lawmakers rejected a bill that would have protected House staffers from being fired for being LGBT+. One lawmaker voting against the bill cited concerns that the protections would have infringed on religious liberties, the Associated Press reported.


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